Mini-Creta Architectural

Mini-Creta Architectural

The Mini-Creta Architectural has an overall bolder and fresher look than the original Mini Creta stone. The 6 color choices are brighter with sleeker lines and sharper corners. Use it to build statement walls, steps or exterior kitchens. This stone is also available as a Pillar Kit.



Mini-Creta Architectural 6"

Specifications per pallet

Cubing: 30 ft2 59.38 lin. ft
Weight: 3199 lbs
Minimum Radius 7 ft
Number of Rows: 5
Coverage per Row: 6 ft 2/row
Linear Coverage per Row: 11.88 lin. ft/row

Mini-Creta Architectural 24"

Specifications per pallet

Cubing: 24 units
Weight: 1510 lbs
Pillar Height 35 7/16
Number of Rows: 3
Download Specs Sheet

Versatile units that can be used to build planters, double and single walls, steps, edge restraints, pillars, fireplaces and exterior kitchen components

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