Protect Your Pavers this Winter

Paver stones add great visual appeal to any outdoor landscape. Unfortunately, during the harsh winter months their durability and strength can be tested. It’s important for homeowners to protect their landscape pavers from the brutal elements winter can bring. Follow these tips to ensure your pavers are in good condition come spring.

Avoid Salting

During the winter season many homeowners use salt to de-ice the ground. However, using salt on landscape pavers can cause long-term damage to your stones. When salt mixes with water it will penetrate into the stones and refreeze, and as temperatures begin to rise, the mixture will expand causing cracking to occur.

Seal Pavers

The easiest way to protect your landscape pavers and ensure they survive the winter is to use sealer on them. Sealer helps protect the stones from scratches, chips, and the cold weather. In addition, a sealer will ensure water and ice doesn’t seep into the paver stones. This is vital to protect them from the damage that water can bring during temperature changes.

Keep Pavers Clean

One simple way to protect your pavers is to keep them clean. During the winter season, the best way to do this is by using a plastic shovel or snow blower. A metal shovel can scrape and cause harm to the pavers. This also reduces the risk of water or ice seeping into the landscape pavers.

Protecting your pavers is a must this winter to guarantee they stay unharmed. For all your landscaping maintenance, trust Aspen Valley Landscape Supply to help you pave the way!

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