Preparing Your Outdoors for Fall Festivities

Summer is coming to a close which can only mean one thing – fall is here! With autumn comes warm colors and pumpkin spice lattes, but also cooler days and longer nights. Fall festivities are beginning so it’s important not to forget about your home landscape. In order to make your yard an autumn oasis for your guests, keep these tips in mind!

1. Rake

Fall gets its name from the falling of leaves on the trees. Those beautiful red and burnt orange leaves can only stay on the branches for so long. When leaves fall on your grass, they lose that vibrant color after a few days, leaving your green summer lawn looking drab. Raking once or twice a week in the fall is a great front yard landscaping task to get all of those dead brown leaves off your property. Feel free to leave some of the leaves on the sidewalk if you’re a fan of hearing that crunch when you walk over them!

Tip: If you have a large lawn, a leaf blower is a great way to remove the leaves. However, be careful of using your leaf blower too often as the harsh winds can agitate your grass.

2. Replace Plants

Nobody wants to look at dead plants during a fall get-together. In order to spruce up your landscape architecture for fall, dig up your summer annuals and replace them with fall plants such as Mums. Not only will this freshen up your yard, but it will also give you the chance to add some fall colors to the exterior of your home. Mums come in a variety of warm fall colors such as burgundy and golden orange which go perfectly with the surrounding trees. Planting fruit trees are also a great way to add give your yard some character. 

Tip: Plan early by planting pumpkins or squash in the beginning of summer. By the fall, you’ll have your own autumn harvest as well as garden décor!

3. Simple Decorations

Although scarecrows and spooky Halloween decorations can be fun (and frightening), keeping your decorations simple and subtle is a great way to impress your guests this fall. A tied bundle of corn stalks and a fall wreath added to your porch could be the perfect way to add a touch of fall to your home without taking away from the beauty of your natural surroundings. Not only are these intricate accents a great way to add a pop of fall colors to your home, but they don’t require any maintenance. 

Tip: If you’re really looking to keep things simple, try placing a small cornucopia or plastic pumpkin on an existing table or bench.

4. Fire Pit

Although it’s hard to imagine in the warmer months of summer, with fall comes colder weather. These cool days and nights shouldn’t mean missing out on your beautiful autumn surroundings. For your backyard landscaping project this fall, consider adding a fire pit. One option to add an old world architecture feel is using old mission pavers. Not only do fire pits add warmth to your yard, but they’re a great way to bring all of your friends and family together. Highlight fall textures by placing wicker chairs and benches around your fire place for your guests. 

Tip: If you’re on a budget, hay bales are also a great seating substitute to bring the feel of autumn to your new fire pit.

5. Lighting

With fall comes less daylight. This means that it’s more important than ever to add lighting to your outdoor landscape. A great way to prepare your home landscape for fall festivities is to add string lights above your outdoor seating area. Lighting is an easy way to give your yard a warm feel during the cool autumn nights while also allowing you to converse with guests easier. 

Tip: For a pop of color, wrap orange clear string lights around your tree trunks so that your guests can see the beautiful leaves at night.

In order to be sure your outdoor landscape is properly prepared for fall festivities this autumn, be sure to trust the experts. Aspen Valley can help you achieve the yard or fire pit of your dreams that will leave your guests in awe.

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