Premium Mulch VS. Inexpensive Mulch

Chicago has been breaking records in regards to warm weather the past few months and we are all getting excited for spring. Soon, we’ll trade dark and rainy days for sunshine and blooming flowers. Before then, make sure your landscape is ready for the onset of spring. One way to do this is by mulching your desired landscape areas. However, for many homeowners this brings up great concerns as to what type of mulch to use that will benefit their landscape. Here are a few reasons why top quality premium mulch from Aspen Valley is more beneficial for your yard and garden than the poorly made, inexpensive mulch you can get a gas stations and grocery stores.


One of the biggest reasons to use premium mulch in your backyard landscape is due to its quality. While inexpensive mulches can initially save you money, they won’t benefit your plantlife long-term. Inexpensive mulches lose color quickly, fall apart easily, and end up costing more in the long run when you have to continually replace it. When you buy bagged mulch from your local one-stop shop, you never know what exactly you are getting. The bag may advertise Premium Hardwood Mulch, but it is likely there is less than 1% of hardwood tree bark in the mulch blend! Buying mulch from a dedicated landscape supplier ensures that you are getting the actual hardwood mulch you desire that will last in your landscape much longer than inexpensive mulch.


Another reason to buy premium mulch from a landscape supplier is to ensure you get the most mulch for the money. Buying cheap mulch from a gas station, may not provide you the same amount of mulch that is advertised. When most mulch bags come in 2-3 cubic feet of coverage, the cost can quickly rack up if you have a large landscape to cover. It is important to keep in mind that your mulch should also be 1-2 inches in depth for plant beds and 3-4 inches in depth over tree roots which will affect the number of yards of mulch your landscape requires. With all these measurements to keep in mind, it is much easier and more time considerate to buy your mulch in bulk from a dedicated landscape supplier. To help you figure out just how much mulch you need for your landscape, our yards of mulch calculator can help.

Premium mulch is the way to go for the best quality and most coverage in your home’s landscape. Aspen Valley Landscape Supply is happy to help you with all your mulch needs. Visit your local Aspen Valley location now to prepare your landscape for spring!

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