Front Yard Holiday Landscape Design

Curb Appeal Updates for WinterWinter is coming and the holidays are fast approaching! Unfortunately, your yard is looking bleak… dried brown grasses, naked trees, and absolutely no colorful flowers! Not an appealing sight for your arriving holiday guests. Here are some easy front yard landscaping design ideas for you to up your curb appeal this holiday season.

One of the best ways to get color back into your front yard landscape is by incorporating trees into the design. Evergreen trees are ideal for the winter months because instead of leaves they have needles that do not fall off when the weather gets cold. Additionally, any type of tree with beautiful brown and white bark adds additional seasonal color to any home landscape.

Another way to improve your outdoor landscape for the holidays is with your hardscapes! When all the plants and grasses settle down for the long, cold months ahead, your beautiful hardscape designs are all that’s left to draw in the eye of your visitors. Consider adding a decorative trellis at the beginning of the walkway or even an eye-catching sculpture for your front lawn.

A final way to update your front yard landscape for the holidays is with festive decorations. Grab some colorful string lights for a lively look or some beautiful white string lights for a warm and welcoming glow. If you really want to get into the holiday spirit, incorporate an inflatable snowman or a different festive decoration into your curb appeal.

Happy Holidays from Aspen Valley! Visit us online to get more landscape design ideas for your front yard.

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