5 Grass Maintenance Tips

5 Grass Maintenance Tips
Do you find yourself gazing at the neighbors’ lawn and wondering why yours doesn’t quite look as nice? Maintaining your grass can be difficult throughout the year. With endless types of grass to choose from, and a variety of maintenance products out there, grass maintenance can be daunting. Here are 5 simple and cost-effective tips to keep your grass looking lush, green, and healthy. 

1. Weeding

Not only is it important to remove weeds from your grass, but it’s actually even more important to prevent them before they happen. Crabgrass may be fun to stick between your thumbs and blow on, however it’s more commonly an eyesore. Using a pre-emergent herbicide can help stop weeds from growing in your lawn. If you do happen to get weeds, try simply pulling them out by hand, being sure to grab them by the root. Make sure you dispose of all parts of the weed properly as the seeds can spread quickly around your yard. 

2. Mowing

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually better for your grass to mow high. By keeping your grass a little taller, you can help prevent weeds and get that green grass you’ve always dreamed of. Additionally, be sure that when you mow the lawn, your mowers blade is properly sharpened. If you notice that the blade is getting dull or looks jagged, it’s probably time to replace the blade. 

3. Watering

Especially in dry months, water your grass in the morning. By doing this, you allow for the sun to dry the blades of grass which can help prevent weeds and disease. Additionally, be sure that you are applying enough water to actually soak into the ground. It can be easy to forget to water your grass, however it’s important not to forget that your grass is a plant and needs hydration to survive and flourish. 

4. Feeding

Just like us, your grass gets hungry. By feeding it a high-nitrogen enriched fertilizer in the spring and the fall, your grass will repay you. Make sure to find a slow-release formula that your grass can gradually digest over a few months. Use only as much as directed, as too much fertilizer can harm your grass.

5. Reseeding

Planting grass seed can help eliminate those patchy areas of grass. If you notice your lawn thinning out in certain areas, sprinkle some grass seed on it and be sure to water heavily for the next week. For best results, seed in the fall!

Make sure the grass is greener on your side by following these tips. For your next grass project, let the experts at Aspen Valley help you with top soils, sod, fertilizers, and grass seed.

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